Vintage Fairground and Street Theatre Arena

JestFest Street Theatre and Carnival

Vintage Fairground and Street Theatre Arena


Located on the Quayfront all weekend, our spectacular vintage funfair has a range of traditional rides that are sure to excite both children and adults alike.

If it’s speed you’re after, then don’t miss the helter-skelter! One of the finest examples of original helter-skelters in the country, this classic funfair slide is fun for all the family.

Our funfair also features swing boats, lady birds, gorgeous junior chair-o-planes, classic carousel and spinning tea cups, perfect for the little ones.

The Funfair is open from 12pm to 7pm Saturday to Monday.

A spirit of devilish revelry will fill the Viking streets of Wexford as Irish and international street jesters, acrobats and contortionists wow us with their amazing performances.

Come to the Street Theatre Arena on the Quay and see the best of local, national and international talent with performances by Bui Bolg, Tumble Circus, Teeny Tiny Theatre and lots more!

Street theatre performances take place from 2pm to 5pm Saturday to Monday and are free of charge.